Cedric Bixler parla del suo progetto “Alavaz Relxib Cirdec” (2005)…sulla nostra pagina Facebook! // Cedric Bixler’s quote about his work as “Alavaz Relxib Cirdec”…on our Facebook page

Qualche giorno fa, sulla nostra pagina Facebook avevamo postato il video (di fatto si tratta dell’audio del brano accompagnato da una sequenza di foto) della extended version di Live Private Boots, pezzo pubblicato su uno dei 7″ della serie di 12 vinili 7″ realizzata dalla defunta Gold Standard Labs per festeggiare gli allora 12 anni della label. Il singolo in questione, a nome Alavaz Relxib Cirdec, contiene anche il brano Sapta Loka
(entrambi i brani sono acquistabili su i più noti store di musica digitale) e rappresenta, a oggi, l’unica produzione solista di Cedric Bixler Zavala. Non avevamo molti dettagli su questo lavoro ma, con nostra grande sorpresa, lo stesso Cedric ha postato un lungo commento spiegando nel dettaglio la genesi dei due brani:


Some days ago we posted on our Facebook page. the video (in fact audio + a collection of photos) of Live Private Boots “extended version” video: the shorted version of this track had been released on Gold Standard Labs label in 2005 as part of the Special Single Series of 12 x 7″ vinyls to celebrate the then 12 years of the label. The other side of this 7″ featured the track “Sapta Loka” and the author of this single had name Alavaz Relxib Cirdec. In fact these two songs (currently available for digital download on well known digital music stores) are, to date, the only ones released by Cedric Bixler Zavala as solo-artist. There were almost no details for these two tracks so you can imagine we’ve been quite surprised reading this long comment submitted by Cedric himself on our Facebook page where he reveals lots of info about these songs:

i haven not heard the entire version in a long time. i only have like a couple hundred copies left in a box in my garage. this is my failed attempt at ghost noted shuffeling tony allen beats! ha! there is a digital tabla machine running through some dd-5 delay pedal that is being played by a mini hand held tape recorder playing through out! i wrote the bass line…hummed it to juan…omar came up with the guitar and chorus section and adrian played flute on it. it was squeezed in during tracking drums for amputechture, and rushed..very very rushed.i had other parts and chorus bits but i didn’t want to get in the way of the record(studio time is expensive!) the samples are from 2 places and they have nothing to do with crypto samples…the crypto samples are real conversation that omar recorded of himself and the infamous ralph jasso. on ‘private booths’ the samples at the start are from a interview with a psychic who participated in the ‘montauk project’…i sampled it from a uk tv show called disinformation(rip!) the episode talks about how the government used this chair for psychics in a lab in the east coast(nj or nw?) it was used for time travel. apart from hunting down nazi gold, as one of it’s missions… this particular mission was to find jesus on the cross and take some of his blood back to the future. the other sample is from a movie called shock corridors by the late sam fuller side 2 sapta loka is a bit of an homage to ambient german music from the 70s….its one long drone spliced in 4 places and stacked on each other playing at the same time. a shitty casio and a banged up chaos pad(very 2005!) are being run and its all recorded through a hand held mini recorder dumped onto a protools file.its supposed to sound like that and for those of u with no patience…yes nothing does happen thats the point. for those of u who liked it thank you.(…) omar co wrote the piece.

iGracias, Cedric!

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