Debutto degli Zavalaz

Come sicuramente saprete Cedric Bixler-Zavala ha annunciato il suo nuovo progetto solista dal nome Zavalaz, accompagnato al basso da Juan Alderete (ne parlavamo qui).

Il 15 Giugno scorso è stato il giorno del debutto dei Zavalaz, ad Artifice, Las Vegas, NV ed il giorno successivo al Pappy & Harriets, Pioneertown, CA, tour che è condiviso con i Dot Hacker dell’attuale chitarrista dei Red Hot Chili Peppers, Josh Klinghoffer.

Curiosa la scelta di Cedric di vietare l’uso di macchine fotografiche, videocamere e registratori durante il set, sicuramente condivisibile dal punto di vista di hype e di qualità media dei bootleg pubblicati, forse un po’ meno dal lato promozionale.


Bene, postiamo qui sotto due reviews (ringraziamo Mitcheledwardklik del Thecomatorium), riferite entrambe al debutto del 15 Giugno.

I don’t know off the top of my head the names of any members of Zavalaz beyond obviously Cedric and Juan. Cedric played guitar on every song. Besides Cedric and Juan, the band consisted of a drummer, a keyboard player and a second guitar player. They all sang back-up vocals, except the keyboard player. Kinda weird to see Juan singing back-up vocals. They all were running around taking down DH’s stuff and setting up their own equipment on stage. The sound was much better for Zavalaz as opposed to DH. Zavalaz seemed more quiet than DH and generally sounded less cluttered and dense. Cedric himself sounded very solid. He wasn’t straining himself to sing at all, mostly singing in a relaxed, lower-than-Volta vocal range. He still hit some high notes here and there though.

They played 11 songs in total. 10 songs then an encore. As you might guess if you’ve followed the interviews Cedric has been giving, the new music was of course totally not at all Mars Volta-like. I think no song was longer than 5 minutes. The songs were straightforward, verse-chorus-verse kind of stuff. It was pretty mellow music overall. I personally enjoyed it very much. I think some of these songs could be pretty popular stuff, maybe stuff you would hear on the radio. When I play the Mars Volta for people, many get weirded out. I don’t think that will be the case if I play Zavalaz for them. It’s pleasant to listen to. I’m sorry if I’m not describing it very well.

People snagged at least 2 setlists off the stage during the little break before the encore, so I’m sure the official song names will be popping up here shortly, but I’ll try to recall the titles that were on the setlists near me…

1. Lacewing
2. Unearthly Child
3. –
4. All those nights
5. –
6. Blue Rose
7. –
8. –
9. Burden?
10. Bottleneck
11. Tetherhooks?

There were 11 songs for sure. I’m not 100% sure about the song titles with a ?. I know the order is basically correct though. If I remember more song names I’ll update this.

The band all took a shot before they played. Cedric had a hot water machine-thing on stage which he drank from inbetween songs. I am paraphrasing the gist of what he said. He thanked the crowd for coming out and said that it was a special night because it was the first performance of the band. He said he didn’t want anymore to take pictures or video of the show, to sort of go back in time to a era when there was no internet. He said he didn’t want there to be shitty-sounding video recordings of the show out there because if the recording sounds bad, people will think the band sounds bad and they’ll blog about how shitty the band is or whatever.

He said the name of his hot water thing was Peter Boyle, referencing Dr. Gonzo from the film Where the Buffalo Roam based of Hunter S. Thompson’s work.

Cedric said Unearthly Child was about his twins, saying basically the same thing he said in that one interview about how he came up with the song. Mentioned his children are about 2 months old and his wife is at home with them.

He thanked Richard Dreyfuss, then buttwipes, then his mother and father. The second guitar player, I believe, said that today is Father’s Day and it would be Cedric’s first as a dad.

I can’t remember much else. I’m sure the official setlist will appear on the internet very soon. I hope I gave a decent review of the show and my spelling didn’t suck too bad. Overall I really enjoyed Zavalaz.

The members of DH and Zavalaz were pretty accessible after the show. Cedric took a lot of pictures with people and autographed a dude’s setlist. I had too much anxiety to talk to anybody after the show. But I don’t know what I would’ve said to them anyways. Darn. Oh well.

There were plenty of shirts on sell, some buttons, and Inhibition CDs. DH and Zavalaz each had like 4 or 5 designs to choose from. Only $15 for shirts. If memory serves me, TMV was charging like 30 or 35 for shirts?

Qui un’altra interessante recensione della serata.

Nonostante il divieto di fotografare lo show è circolata questa foto della serata.

Questa la setlist (che immaginiamo finirà nel disco in uscita dei Zavalaz)

Per ulteriori aggiornamenti tenete d’occhio la pagina Facebook dei Zavalaz.

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